Happy Sunday everyone!

I spent my weekend with friends and it felt so good to be surrounded by all these amazing people again. I even seen some old friends which I haven’t talked to in ages because they have moved to different cities to study. All in all just good times.

Yesterday I felt so energetic and went to the gym again to do a High Intensity Intervall Training. After a quick warm up and 10 min. of Jumping Jacks, Split Squats and Kicks I was sweating like a pig. It really got my metabolism working because even an hour after my workout my body was still heated up. A 30 min. workout was totally enough.

Because I saw one of these 2 min. cooking videos on Facebook that day I decided to cook excactly that (well.. I had an eggplant in my fridge that had to be cooked soon anyways). So it was kind of an eggplant-pizza: eggplant topped with marinara sauce, corn and looots of cheese. So yummi! I could eat a lot of it because it was a very light meal. While cooking I listened to a podcast. The first podcast I have ever listened to was a motivational one about self-love and it got me so excited to change my life or well at least change the way I think about myself, hell yea I was sooo motivated afterwards. So I think I will keep doing it, listening to podcast – especially when I am really really low.

So this one podcast was from the fitness trainer and coach Mark Maslow. I have read about him in the magazine FitForFun shortly before so I was surprised when his podcasts suddenly popped up in my Spotify feed. I listened to his first episode and I must say it was very inspiring – his voice was great listening to and the words easy to follow. He designed the formula M.A.R.K. which in German stands for: Mental training, balanced diet, right weight training and cardio. It all makes so much sense. Especially (like mentioned in a blog post before) that the diet is the most important thing to look at and to improve. I am definitely going to keep listening to his podcasts. And honestly I would suggest you to do that to – listening to podcasts that push you, that motivate you to move mountains and embrace yourself.



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