Hey ho everyone,

my 9-5 week has started again. This one week of adventure and travel feels so far away already. I am still at the office (not working) and trying to figure out my fitness plan. My biggest issue is my diet which is unfortunatley the biggest part to work on when changing your life and your body. Going to the gym, moving the body and working out is easy. But saying No to really good food or treats is hard. Because we mostly eat unconscious. We eat while we talk to friends, while we play on our phone, surf in the internet, read a book – even while we work (like office-people like me haha). We eat and do not think. We don’t know if we even need this food right now. Are we even hungry? That’s what I have to change. A more clear eating structure and being more aware of my bodys’ signals.

I am doing an apprenticeship at a tour operator focused on ski holidays all over Europe. Therefore I go twice a week to school to learn more about the tourism and business branch. I highly enjoy my job and learn something new every day but since my first day here I have been sitting up to 8 hours a day. It totally changed my body and after work I have a deep urge to move, play and be outside. Do you feel the same way?

Since the beginning I have joined a gym and a dancing school (just to try something new), I also joined a Spanish course to distract myself a little from work and be surrounded by other faces. Always trying to stay busy!