Hi everyone,

this morning I came back from my hiking adventure in Austria. Two friends and I spent 2 nights in a hut located 2.500 m high in the mountains. We took a night train straight to Innsbruck, we slept a lot on our way there and started hiking immediately we got to Umhausen. We reached the hut after 5 hours. On our second day we hiked all the way to a 3.000 summit called Fundusfeiler. When we got to the top a storm broke out. We rushed down again. It was very scary but not even half way down the mountain the beautiful sun started beaming and a rainbow exploded right in front of us. Thank you, Universe! We relaxed at a tiny lake and slowly walked back to the hut. On our last day, of course, we had to go down. We took a different way than the one we came from. Back in civilization it felt quite strange.

I must say I haven’t really worked out for this trip and I could feel my calves on the second day already. I used to be fitter to be honest. When I was in school – around 18 years old I was extremly fit. Going to the gym daily to at least burn 500 kcal on the treadmill was the standard. Yepp, it wasn’t really the healthiest fit. I did not even feel fit and skinny. I most likely hated my body and wanted to be better, do better and couldn’t stop comparing myself with other even skinnier girls. Typical girls-puberty I would say. Now I know better. I started to care much more about myself, my health and my body. But because it isn’t always easy to stay motivated I wanted to start blogging again and share my experiences, struggles and inspirations with you. Not sure what my goal is yet but soon I will have it all figured out. Hopefully!

This trip to Austria has been a huge motivation for me to get back into shape. Because I want to climb more mountains and need a base of fitness. Stronger definitely.