Happy Sunday everyone!

I spent my weekend with friends and it felt so good to be surrounded by all these amazing people again. I even seen some old friends which I haven’t talked to in ages because they have moved to different cities to study. All in all just good times.

Yesterday I felt so energetic and went to the gym again to do a High Intensity Intervall Training. After a quick warm up and 10 min. of Jumping Jacks, Split Squats and Kicks I was sweating like a pig. It really got my metabolism working because even an hour after my workout my body was still heated up. A 30 min. workout was totally enough.

Because I saw one of these 2 min. cooking videos on Facebook that day I decided to cook excactly that (well.. I had an eggplant in my fridge that had to be cooked soon anyways). So it was kind of an eggplant-pizza: eggplant topped with marinara sauce, corn and looots of cheese. So yummi! I could eat a lot of it because it was a very light meal. While cooking I listened to a podcast. The first podcast I have ever listened to was a motivational one about self-love and it got me so excited to change my life or well at least change the way I think about myself, hell yea I was sooo motivated afterwards. So I think I will keep doing it, listening to podcast – especially when I am really really low.

So this one podcast was from the fitness trainer and coach Mark Maslow. I have read about him in the magazine FitForFun shortly before so I was surprised when his podcasts suddenly popped up in my Spotify feed. I listened to his first episode and I must say it was very inspiring – his voice was great listening to and the words easy to follow. He designed the formula M.A.R.K. which in German stands for: Mental training, balanced diet, right weight training and cardio. It all makes so much sense. Especially (like mentioned in a blog post before) that the diet is the most important thing to look at and to improve. I am definitely going to keep listening to his podcasts. And honestly I would suggest you to do that to – listening to podcasts that push you, that motivate you to move mountains and embrace yourself.



“Be so good they can’t ignore you”

Hey guys,

my week has been soo great! On Monday (after my last blog post) I went straight to the gym and joined a Thai-Bo class which got me really sweating. But still I jumped on a bike and pedalded for another half an hour while reading. After that day I decided to always bring my gym cloths with me to work. Just so I don’t have an excuse of not going to the gym. And going straight after work is so much more motivating instead of going home first – and seeing my lovely bed or the food in the fridge.

Yesterday, even though it was only 45 minutes I did a freaking intense workout. Something similar to HIIT. High Intensity Intervall Training:

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Kettlebell squats
  3. Cross body mountain climber
  4. Push-ups
  5. Plank
  6. Bench Step-up
  7. Plank with Side extension and rotation
  8. Stretching

Just to give you an example.

Do you remember roller blades? Or better – when was the time you last used them? Yea, right! I haven’t been rolling around in roller blades since I’ve been 13 years old. Haha! But because when I was in Spain beginning of this year I saw a really pretty girl flying through the streets. It really inspired me and I wanted to look that cool as well. So I got the old roller blades of my aunt. I seriously might not look that cool when blading through the city – but you gotta start somewhere, right? Honestly it is quite a workout for your legs and you gotta be really good at balancing. I took them to get to work today, it was definitely an exciting way to start the day. I will keep doing it!